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    Three Years of Citizens Working in Online Media, "Towards Change, Rise With Citizens"

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    10/09/22, 23:51 WIB Last Updated 2022-09-10T16:53:06Z
    Photo: Sam conveys a message to members who are members of the Wargata.com Online Media
    Three Years of Media Warga has been active in online media, to be exact 9 September 2022.
    This time the 3rd Anniversary of Wargata.com with the theme "Towards Change, Rising Together with the Citizens".

    Although still young, there are a number of hopes that are pinned so that this online media can continue to work in providing educational and useful information for citizens around the world.

    This year's Wargata.com Anniversary is a momentum to continue to rise towards change in difficult situations due to the Covid-19 pandemic. #MenujuPerubahanBangkitBersamaWarga is also one of the pillars of the tagline Info Being Around Residents

    Wargata.com's Editor-in-Chief, Samsu Alam said, there are many obstacles that have been passed that have resulted in hampered activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic. By moving towards change and rising with the citizens, it will achieve the welfare of all citizens

    This 3 Years journey is not a short journey for Wargata.com, Various stories, dynamics, and challenges have been passed, Of course that does not become an obstacle for Wargata.com to continue to work, innovate, and remain optimistic in providing the best news information to all citizens

    On this occasion, Sam also emphasized to all Media Members who are members of the Wargata.com online media, that according to the theme "Towards Change, Rising Together with the Citizens".

    So the thing that needs to be considered in order to achieve professional journalists is, Wargata.com journalists must be able to provide information that prioritizes the truth, not on the elements of judging and justifying the mistakes of institutions, agencies, entrepreneurs or individual officials.

    This is often done by some journalists today, without tracing the truth that happened according to the function and purpose of their profession, because there are too many orders that cause the lack of independence of a mass media.

    Remember, the media has the character of educating the truth, not educating about the silence of the truth, because the mass media has the aim of educating, said Sam to its members.

    It was also emphasized that what often happens today, the truth is sometimes silenced or wrapped in justification scenarios, so that the truth is covered by evil opinions, "I hope that Wargata.com journalists do not follow steps like this" Hope Sam